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Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Overnight Arabian Desert Safari

What makes a night beautiful? Indeed the view of the shiny and bright sky where you can see the all sparkling stars clearly under the blanket of the moon. Anyone can simply imagine it that how beautiful it looks. Rest, on the other hand, there is no doubt to herald that the nature of beauty lies in the layer of simplicity. But, what if, this scenic view is appearing in front of you with a chilly wind and a sound of grey sands and a lighting tent camps. This simply gives you goose-bumps and additionally increases the best, soothing and stupendous experience.

To consider this all a place which is known as the DESERT SAFARI is no doubt the best place for you all to visit. Especially for those, who love the beauty of nature prefer to explore the silent nature of beauty in a peaceful and joyous way.

This DESERT SAFARI is located in Dubai. And we all know this that Dubai considers itself the best and meritorious tourist point where you can enjoy and spend your holidays tremendously. But what makes Dubai unique apart from the malls, hotels, beaches, and the other thrilling places DUBAI DESERT SAFARI is the place which attracts the attention of tourist most and every year thousands of people come and visit Dubai just for the sake to experience this eye-catching view with their dear ones.

To consider this all, we as an ARABIAN DESERT SAFARI tourist guider offer you all the flexible range of overnight desert safari packages so through this you can avail the maximum and qualitative thrilling experience and add the beauty of joyous moments in your life.

  1. Why us?

After this long haul, the thing which makes our tourist services unique from other is that we try to give you the best and affordable range of packages in which you can enjoy the maximum fun in a qualitative way. The packages which we offer you include;

  • The traditional and cultural BBQ and Buffet dinner,
  • Traditional tea and Qehwa,
  • Morning breakfast facilities
  • Cultural smoking Sheesha,
  • The art design of Henna,
  • Pick up and drop services
  • Free cold drinks, water, and food
  • Camps and resting tents
  • Side exhibition view
  • International Buffet/ dinner menu
  • Separate washrooms facilities and so on and so forth


  1. What makes your trip thrilling?

In spite of this, during the time of your overnight desert safari trip the activities and exercises which accelerate the thrill of your trip are including;

  • The dune bashing
  • Quad bike experience
  • Long camel rides on the sands
  • Lavish experience of sand-boarding
  • Overnight stay
  • Live adventurous fire performance,
  • Tanoura dance
  • Photographic fun
  • Belly dance performance
  • Entertaining activities and performances and a lot more


  1. Our packages:

To turn your this overnight trip into an adrenaline rush we have offering you the categorized packages so you can avail any one of them as per your desire. The thing which you have to keep in mind before going to pick any package deal is that the basic and initial facilities will remain same although the adventurous and thrilling fun will be dependable according to the package criteria.

Rest our overnight packages are based on basic, silver, golden, and premium categories. In which we offer a free ticket for less than 3 years old children. So without any asking just book your tickets and settle down to enjoy the taste of sky starlit, warm breakfasts and the far side scenic view that replenish your mood and set you free from worries and give you the pleasurable peace.

  1. Things to remember:

In spite of this, on the other hand, there are few things which you also have to keep in mind.

First, the payment will be collected at the time of your pick up

Second, those who are having any serious or heart issue can’t go for the dune basing activities.

Thirdly, pregnant women aren’t allowed to avail any thrilling and adventurous experience.

Cancellation is applicable before a day, rest on the day of the trip if you cancel your trip before 11:00 am then the 50% amount will be deducted from your payment. Rest, those who cancel their trip after 11:00 am on the same day of their trip will get no return payment.

Amendments and changes are allowed. You can reschedule your trip but before 24 hours.

Rest, for additional luxurious credentials and facilities extra cost/payment will be charged in which we offer you the;

  • Horseback riding facilities
  • VIP food facilities
  • Long Rides
  • Souvenir shop facilities
  • Buggy biking facilities and a lot more as per your requirement

So just set your trip, pack your bags and get ready to explore the outstanding fun with lots of meritorious cherish moments and stupendous thrill that makes this Dubai Desert Safari trip incredible.

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