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Desert Safari Packages

Morning Desert Safari

Availability : Daily
Tour-Time : 5 - 6 hours

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Evening Desert Safari

Availability : Daily
Tour-Time : 5 - 6 hours

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VIP Desert Safari

Availability : Daily
Tour-Time : 5 - 6 hours

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Quad Bike & Dune Buggy

Availability : Daily
Tour-Time : 5 - 6 hours

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Hummer Desert Safari

Availability : Daily
Tour-Time : 5 - 6 hours

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Camel Riding Dubai

Availability : Daily
Tour-Time : 5 - 6 hours

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1 Seater Dune Buggy

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2 Seater Dune Buggy

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4 Seater Dune Buggy

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Morning Desert Safari

Since morning are way cooler than the noon in summer especially in Dubai, tourist mostly opt for morning desert safari particularly those who want to enjoy every second of their Dubai excursion. Kick off your trip with the exclusive deals given by Arabian desert safari offers. We will make your excursion one of those you will never forget. Starting off with a free pick and drop offer we provide so you don’t have to worry about reaching your destination in time. After reaching the red sand desert Dubai the thrilling and most exciting part of your excursion begins, the dune bashing. Bashing all the dunes in your range during the limited time is the goal of the driver so you can enjoy it fully. All our drivers are experienced enough to drive the cars excellently on the curved path during dune bashing. After the delighted dune bashing you will get refreshing drinks to boost your energy level and to keep you hydrated.

Our desert safari deals does not only contain dune bashing but also sandboarding since its something amazing and most tourist can’t enjoy that at home. Along with that sandboarding you can also opt for camel riding. Camel riding is fun without a doubt hence in morning desert safari you can enjoy short or long camel riding. Short camel riding is included in the morning desert safari deal but as for long camel riding you have to pay extra money. Not only you can relish camel riding but also you can enjoy quad biking or dune buggy in the package of desert safari Dubai. Same goes for both quad biking and dune buggy just like camel riding you have to pay extra charges for long quad biking however short quad biking is free and included in the deal. Get our morning desert safari deal now to make the outcome of your excursion worth it.

Evening Desert Safari

Out of 100, 80 percent people like to go for evening desert safari why? Because evening desert safari is much more fun than morning or early morning desert safari. In desert safari Dubai if you want to enjoy the best services you will get it in evening desert safari. Actually, it is not only the best services but also much more entertainment than in any other desert safari offer. In addition to all the dune bashing you will enjoy during evening desert safari there are many things that will entertain our honorable guests.

Firstly, you will get a free pick and drop offer from your residence to the desert. Then comes the exciting desert safari. Secondly, you can also enjoy camel riding, quad biking or dune buggy whatever you want to try but there is a condition, if you want to enjoy camel riding, quad biking or dune buggy for a longer time then you must pay extra charges. In our services only short camel riding, quad biking or dune buggy is available.

That not all, the real show begins when the sun sets, the night shows. Tanura show, belly dance and fire show will be right there to mesmerize you. Along with all these amusing programs you can also relish the shisha smoking in the restricted areas, people who love tattoos can also try henna tattoos, since they are not long lasting so people who don’t like permanent tattoos can also try it. You can also take pictures in traditional Arabic dress to keep it as a beautiful memory.

After all the thrilling dune bashing, mesmerizing night shows you can enjoy all the food present right there to fill your appetite. We will be giving you water and cold drinks from time to time so that you stay hydrated. So, guys don’t waste any time and book now.

VIP Desert Safari

Boost your excursion with the best of the best VIP desert safari deals we, at Arabian desert safari offers, are offering. Desert safari itself is very amazing and thrilling but if you add some VIP protocol in it, it will turn into an even amazing tour of your life. Starting off with a free and luxurious pick and drop service from your door step straight to the Lahbab desert Dubai for desert safari in a luxurious land cruiser. Bashing through all the dunes in your sight during desert safari will take to a different level of thrill and excitement. An experienced driver is all you need for your desert safari to avoid any emergency and thankfully all our drivers are highly experienced in this regard. Besides you can also enjoy other amusements such as quad biking or dune buggy or camel riding until all the night shows begin. Quad biking and dune buggy are already available in our VIP desert safari deal but for short time however you can pay extra if you want to try it for a longer time. Plus, camel riding is also available in our deal but you can enjoy it for more time just by paying extra.

Additionally, you can also enjoy all the exclusive night shows arranged especially for all our guests. The thrilling fire show, mesmerizing Tanura show and belly dance all these amusements will be there just our guests. At dinner you, as our VIP, will have a personal waiter at your service to give you everything you ask for. You will have separate sitting area with soft cushions to sit on. Plus, henna tattooing is something you will like for sure. People who like tattoos but don’t want them permanently can opt for henna tattoos. Try out our amazing VIP desert safari deal right now.

Dubai And Abu Dhabi City Tour

Dubai City Tour

Dubai located in the United Arab Emirates has become a multicultural city over the past few years. People from all over the world want to visit Dubai to enjoy and witness its beauty. We are offering tremendous deals of Dubai city tour to make your excursion worth it. In comparison to other companies our Dubai desert safari deals are affordable to almost everyone.

In this deal you will get to visit everywhere you want we will show you all the amazing and exciting places of Dubai. From luxurious Dubai mall to the fascinating Jumeirah beach visit all these places in just one deal. And of course, the places Dubai is all famous for how can we miss that the greatest and tallest building of the world Burj Khalifa and the world’s most luxurious five-star hotel Burj al Arab. In addition to all these you can enjoy a bit of your own country at the global village (its not open all year though but if your trip is in between October and April). Hope you will have fun during your time in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Another prestigious and important yet beautiful city to visit while you are in United Arab Emirates is none other than Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE and home of the president of UAE who is a member of the royal family. There many places to visit in Abu Dhabi which you can visit to enjoy your trip fully. Of course, who would like to miss the chance to visit Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi and the grand sheikh Zayed mosque.

Planning of visiting Abu Dhabi then you should check out the amazing deals Arabian desert safari offers are giving to our guests. In our deal you will get to see all the beautiful places in Abu Dhabi. Like Etihad tower, Yas marina, Yas water world Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat island and many more amazing places in Abu Dhabi.

The Camel Ride Dubai

People want to enjoy the camel riding during their excursion in Dubai. Those people would never have thought that one day people would be riding camels just for fun and amusement. On the other hand, there are people in this world who have never seen a camel in real life for them it is actually a really exciting thing to try. For all those people we have this exciting desert safari offer so they can relish the camel riding.

In our desert safari offers we have made an exclusive deal for those who want to enjoy camel riding or those who have never enjoyed it before. You can also enjoy camel riding in our evening or morning desert safari deals but that story has a little bit sad ending because you can enjoy it only for a short time like just for 20 minutes. But no worries we have this amazing camel riding deal just for you to enjoy. Along with camel riding you can also enjoy sandboarding in this package. Two most thrilling and amazing things to enjoy in the same package is a dream come true for most of the people. You cannot take a camel along with you to your home but you can enjoy riding a camel as much as you want here in Dubai. In addition, we will be giving free drinks and mineral water for you to keep you hydrated because Dubai desert is known for its heat. And with all that camel riding can be tiring for you so, you should hydrate yourself with drinks and water from time to time.

Quad Bike And Dune Buggy

In the middle of the Lahbab desert you can enjoy quad biking and dune buggy at the most affordable rate you can ever imagine. Quad biking is exciting and thrilling at the same time dune buggy is also something no one can just get past easily. Where you can enjoy quad biking on your own at the same spot you can also relish dune buggy with anyone you want to whether they are family or friends. They can be two or more than two people but as for quad biking the maximum people who can ride one quad bike are two.

Our specified deals for quad biking Dubai are amazing and affordable. We will give all our customers a free pick and drop from there residence to the quad biking point in the Dubai desert. But if you are new to quad biking or have never experienced it before, do not worry we have arranged a guide for you to explain everything to you so that you won’t get hurt. While you will be enjoying your quad biking, he will keep a close eye on you so if you lose your track or get stuck in sand, he’ll be the first person to help you out of that emergency situation. With all the thrill we also give our customers free drinks for hydration. However, if you didn’t get the chance to book the quad biking deals before don’t worry at all. We have backups fully prepared for such instances, if you have any other deal like evening desert safari you can always pay extra to try out quad biking on the spot. So, don’t worry if you forget to book for quad biking offer. Guys you don’t want to miss these thrills because you won’t be able to try it anywhere else.

Dhow Cruise Marina

Looking for an amazing and peaceful place for dinner there you go we present you the most luxurious dinning place, dhow cruise. It is superior

To most of the hotels or restaurants in Dubai. In Dhow cruise marina deal you can enjoy a trip to 3 meters long man-made canal that stretches along the Arabian gulf coast. With mouth-watering international cuisine right in front of you. You can enjoy which ever food because you can eat from the international buffet.

The peaceful dinner at dhow cruise will remain in your memories forever because of the Tanura dance show that has been specially arranged for you on the cruise. In addition to the Tanura show you will also get to relish an exciting and fascinating magic show. The magic show has its own charms and attractions to keep you entangled in the show. It will take you to a never-ending journey of your childhood memories. Try out our dhow cruise marina offer to take a ride of this amazing trip. Our deals are cheap and affordable for everyone who visit Dubai.

Dhow cruise have an ancient history, back in days Arabs used these cruises called dhow for pearl hunting. But now since pearl hunting is declined to a very lower level so these cruises are used for entertainment and fun. People book these cruises for dinners and to enjoy the calm sea and soft sea breeze. Dinning can be indoor with air condition or it can be outdoor to relish the sea view. You can also enjoy our glass boat marina offer if you want an even luxurious dinner. You will get to enjoy limitless refreshments to fill your appetite as much as you want.

Desert Safari Tour Includes

Things that you should check

Pick Up & Drop Off:
Pick & drop from your residence, hotel, centralized meeting points. Depends upon package type.

4×4 Dune Bashing:
Dune drive in 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser, Thrilling Dune Bashing on Lahbab Desert.

Camel Ride:
Experience Camel Trekking over the Arabian desert. Step back to the ancient Time.

Sand Board:
SandBoarding is the board sport in Dubai Desert. Sand boarding is the ride over the sand dune in the deserts.

Desert Safari Heritage Camp:
Bedouin Style Arabian Camp on The Desert of Dubai. Once you are done with outside activities it’s time for the Arabian Camp.

Free Refreshments:

Have a warm welcome drinks like special Arabic qahwa, Arabic tea, coffee & unlimited water packs or soft drinks at Safari Camp.

Traditional Arabic Costumes:
Feel like classical Arab, Experience the Thawb by wearing it. Take pictures to surprise your circle.

Henna Tattoo:
Get the Henna gorgeous, versatile designs Tattoo on your hands in the Arabian Desert Camp.

Live Entertainment Show:
In the Charm of Belly Dances, Halal Dance, Fire Shows, Tanoura Dance make your evening exclusive.

International Buffet – BBQ:
Feed Your hungry belly with Veg and Non Veg Food. For the first time experience Live BBQ in The Desert Camp.
Entrée CourseSamosa – Pasta
Main Course: Biryani Rice – Jeera Rice – Noodles – Dal – Vegetables Curry – Chana Masala – Arabic Khubz – Sauteed Veggies

Grills: Chicken – Shish Taouk – Lamb KebabCold Appetizers: Tabbouleh – Garlic Sauce – Fattoush Salad – Hummus & Macaroni Salad

Dessert: Mix Fresh Fruit Salad

Why Arabian Desert Safari?

VIP Tour Dubai founded in 2017. The Only UAE based best safari, tourism provider. We aim to provide the best package and price to meet your expectations.

Platinum Safari tour

Providing you with a life time remembering experience of your tour in the Arabian desert

Free pick & drop

We provide you with a free pick and drop from your location to the dubai desert

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Desert Safari Tour Booking

Book Arabian Adventure Dubai Desert Safari tour with Dune Bashing, Quad Bike, Camel Ride, Live Shows, Belly Dance’s, Tanoura Show, Fire Show and Live BBQ Dinner. Grab the best desert Safari deals in Dubai. Easy Desert Safari booking method with one click on WhatsApp. Enjoy the safari Dubai tour with Best Desert Safari Company.
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